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Introducing Cal and Chrissy Krahn

Cal and Chrissy are joining us starting in May. They are most recently coming from Chilliwack, and their ministry experience includes stays in places like Abbotsford, Montreal, and Kamloops. Cal will be overseeing our worship, discipleship and local initiative ministries, as well as every day associate duties.

[Embedded Video]

This video was shown on April 19, 2015 as part of the service.

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Open Door Drive

Construction of our new auditorium is almost complete, and now we focus on Phase 2 of the project and raising funds to open the doors.

[Embedded Video]

This video was shown during the service on February 15, 2015 to support the Open Door Drive.

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Overview of the Unraus

Emmanuel Missions Partners, Dennis and Diane Unrau, give an overview of their work with Grupo Amor in Colima, Mexico.

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This video would have been shown during the service on December 28, 2014 had the projector been working.

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Introducing Jeff Bjorgan

The Leadership Team of Emmanuel has selected Jeff Bjorgan as the candidate for lead pastor. While he is familiar to many due to his role as Pastor of Spiritual Formation at Emmanuel, this video introduces him and his outlook for Emmanuel. A congregational vote to elect Jeff as our new lead pastor will be held on December 14.

[Embedded Video]

This video was shown during the service on November 30 to announce Jeff Bjorgan as the Board's candidate for lead pastor.

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Hamre Farewell

Friends recount memories of the Hamres as we bid farewell to them after 17 years of faithful service at Emmanuel. We pray God continues to bless them as they take up the call to serve Him in Langley.

[Embedded Video]

This video was shown during the service on August 31, 2014 as a tribute to the Hamres.

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