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December 14 Update

It is with great excitement and joy that we announce Pastor Jeff Bjorgan as our newly elected Lead Pastor of Emmanuel Church. On Sunday, December 14, 2014, the membership of Emmanuel voted 93% in favour of Pastor Jeff to become our Lead Pastor. He will begin this new role on January 6, 2015. Until that time, Pastor Paul will continue to serve as Interim Pastor at Emmanuel.

A special thank you to:

  • Everyone who took the opportunity to come out and vote on Sunday. It was one of the best quorums in the history of Emmanuel. Also to the non-members who came out to be part of the process and share in the results.
  • The Search Committee who put countless hours over the past four months with meetings, sifting through resumes, gathering information, praying and narrowing the candidate pool.
  • The Search Prayer Team for interceding and diligently praying for Emmanuel during this time, praying specifically for the Search Team, Board, and the next Lead Pastor to be revealed.
  • The Leadership Team for putting in extra hours during the transition time, in meetings and interviews, praying and discerning the Lead Pastor candidate.
  • To those of you who have pitched in during this season of transition, whether through taking on additional tasks, serving in different ways than before, or praying.

A HUGE heartfelt Thank you!

We look forward to what God wants to do at and through Emmanuel in 2015!

November 30 Update

After an extensive search, the Emmanuel Leadership Team has recommended a candidate for lead pastor: Jeff Bjorgan. Please join us on December 14 at 1 pm in the auditorium to vote on Jeff's candidacy.

Read the announcement of Jeff Bjorgan's selection.

See Introducing Jeff Bjorgan Video.

Transition Process Overview

Emmanuel Church Profile (0.8MB PDF)

With the resignation of Pastor Derrick Hamre, Emmanuel is currently in the process of transitioning to a new lead pastor. Below is an outline of what this process looks like.

  • The Leadership Team consults with our District Superintendent, Ken Russell.
  • The Leadership Team creates a Search Committee made up of deacons and members.
  • The Leadership Team creates a church profile of the church, community, and the kind of pastor we are pursuing. This is a healthy process for the church and is also helpful for prospective candidates to look at. This profile becomes one of the grids for the interview process.
  • The Search Committee begins to receive prospective candidates. Pastor Jeff Bjorgan is one of the candidates. Other resumes are provided by the District Superintendent, and some candidates might be specifically sought after.
  • The Search Committee begins to research and assess the candidates, creating a first list for interviews, prayer and discernment. The Search Committee creates a second short list of candidates for second interviews with the Leadership Team, further prayer and discernment.
  • The Leadership Team decides on a single candidate to present to the membership of the church for consideration. The membership then votes on this candidate after a period of prayer and discernment.

While there is no rigid timeline for this process, we hope to complete it by the end of the year. We ask that the congregation, both adherents and members, continue to pray for Emmanuel, for the Search Committee, for the Leadership Team, and for the future pastor of Emmanuel Church.

Moving forward, there are some dates for our church to be aware of:

  • Sunday, August 31 is Pastor Derrick & Sara-Lee's final Sunday.
  • The church goes back to two services (9 and 11 am) on September 7. Brent Cantelon joins us as a guest speaker for Spiritual Emphasis Days. There is an evening service on both September 7 and 8 at 8 pm. This gives us an opportunity to begin the fall in God's presence.
  • Our Fall Kick-Off takes place on September 14. Our interim pastor, Paul Cassidy, preaches for the first time. It's also our Opportunity for Ministry Sunday for people to sign up and get involved in all that takes place at Emmanuel. At 4 pm we have our Family BBQ celebration.

Paul Cassidy has been chosen to come and assist our pastoral team with preaching and working one day a week in the office on Wednesdays. He will meet with staff and have a few openings to meet with people. With the extra duties Pastor Jeff, Pastor Ben, and Pastor Arte have, it was one area we felt we could assist them with.

Further, Jason Roffey has been hired as our interim Administrator/Manager. He will serve part time to help with staff, finances, and projects. Jason will also serve as interim chair of the Deacon Board. He will work in partnership with our District Superintendent.

One of the values of Emmanuel is to be transparent and authentic in all that we do. If you have any questions about the process, where we are at in the process, please contact anyone on our Leadership Team.

Leadership Team:

  • Sheldon Beagle
  • Lorelie Hanson
  • Stephen Johnston
  • Dean Larson
  • Rick Nelson
  • Jason Roffey
  • David Shaw
  • Jeff Walker
  • Martin Weilmeier

Search Committee:

  • Janice Dewald
  • Brenda Furman
  • Lorelie Hanson
  • Derek Koch
  • David Shaw
  • Mark Wylie

Pastoral Search Prayer Team:

  • Marc Berthaudin
  • Dave Hanson
  • Ron Johnson
  • Karen LeBlanc
  • Wendy Paul
  • Gladys Wishart