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« Bringing the Family Together Initiative »

After going through a long transition period, we are excited about what the Spring and Summer brings to Emmanuel. We want to begin to re-connect with our church family! The Bringing the Family Together Initiative includes three aspects:

Lifestage Gatherings.  We believe whole-heartedly in having the generations worship together. However, sometimes we can gain fresh perspective by spending some time with people in our own stage of life and hearing what our peers value, hope for, and commit to. Over the months of May and June, we will be having invitational Lifestage Gatherings in different people’s homes. At each gathering we’ll be chatting about next steps at Emmanuel.

Hello Sundays.  Every so often we ask everyone to wear a name tag on a Sunday morning, just for people to get to know each other. Our Bringing the Family Together Initiative will be having name tags available for every Sunday from May 24 to June 28. In addition to this, we are planning to have a simple lunch (with a toonie donation) after each service, to provide a time for people to linger and build friendship.

Sign Up Sunday.  We often promote the different ministries of Emmanuel in the Fall. This year, we would like to start planning for our Fall initiatives early. On May 31, we’re going to have tables available where people can volunteer to be a part of the ministries and initiatives at Emmanuel. 

It’s Spring and what better time to re-acquaint with family members? Join us as we bring the family together!