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John and Laurel Archer

 • Humanitarian Aid Agency
 • Countries around the world

Nancy Cucheran

Our passion is bringing hope to impossible places.

John is the director of a humanitarian aid agency working in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. He is working to offer intelligent compassion in complex situations and bringing hope and light to those living in darkness. His organization runs programs in disaster relief, healthcare, social services, education, agriculture, water sanitation and micro-economic development.

The world is complex: conflict and civil unrest, climate change and natural disasters, refugees and global food shortages. Helping people in need has never been more challenging. Sometimes, bringing change and hope to the world may seem impossible, but we believe hope can be brought to people living in some of the world’s most challenging contexts. To do this, humanitarian aid must move beyond good intentions to blend technical knowledge with local cultural insight. Above all, our desire is be a witness for the kingdom in these “impossible places.”

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Curtis and Vickie Blanchet

 • “Just Go Tour”
 • Across North and Central America

Curtis & Vickie Blanchet

In February, 2008 the Blanchet family left Emmanuel to embark on a journey by bus through North and Central America with the goal of mobilizing the church for missions. “Just Go!” is their theme and message all wrapped up in one phrase.

Whether walking across the street with a plate of brownies, serving in a ministry like the Gospel Mission or Food Bank, going on a short term mission trip with the local church, or giving a lifetime to translate the scripture, each follower of Christ is called to go. This is the message the Blanchets desire to share at churches, youth groups, Christian schools, cell groups, homeschooling meetings, and wherever anyone will give them the opportunity. They pray that God would use their very “ordinariness” to spur others to be obedient to God's call.

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Bill and Donna Reimer

 • Dominican Ministry
 • Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Bill and Donna Reimer

Bill and Donna Reimer are part of the Emmanuel family and have responded to God's call to “go.” They are currently in the Dominican Republic working in the sugar cane villages on the North Shore of the island of Hispanolia.

The Reimers work largely with the Haitian people living there, but also support the Dominicans living in these villages as well. Their ministry involves a feeding program which feeds over 300 children in the village, a maternity ministry with mothers and their babies babies, and a food distribution program to about 50 families in the area.

Bill and Donna appreciate your prayers for strength as they carry on this ministry that is growing faster than they can believe.

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