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2014 Annual Reports for Ministry in 2013

Derrick Hamre

For the past few years we have tried to do away with the excessive paper involved in AGM reports. We have tried to make the reporting more focused, interesting and accessible. We are listening to the congregation and trying to respond to a new generation in both reporting as well as the agenda on the night of the AGM. We do not want these events to be boring but inspiring. Let us know how we're doing.

The following reports allow for 5 important realities…

  1. Accountability. Each pastor and deacon write monthly reports for the board meetings. Once a year they compile a single report to review the year. It’s good discipline to have to do this. It allows us the opportunity to see what has been done, improve where we can and “fuel” what is working. I think the “unexamined life” tends to be one that lacks wisdom and growth. Therefore, let’s take a look at ourselves in order to learn and grow.
  2. Come & See. The reports allow people to see what is going on in the nooks and crannies of the church. There are now over 700 people at Emmanuel. Rarely is one person fully briefed on all that is happening. We have regular announcements, testimonies and via the Word from the Pastor we hear a lot but the AGM reports allow us to hear what is going on in our church family in a broad way. I invite you to read and learn. I think you’ll be impressed with what God is doing through ordinary folk.
  3. Appreciation. Emmanuel is a place where many hands are involved in ministry. We are saved to serve and we make it as uncomfortable as possible for people to simply sit in church. We desire people to be released in areas of gifting, passion and burden. As people move out in ministry it is important to pause and give thanks. So much time, energy and prayer is given to the ministries you are about to read about. These reports allow us to say thanks to the servants who are wind in our sails. Our gratitude to God and His people run deep.
  4. Vision Casting. Every good leader looks back but also forward. In looking forward we catch a sense of what God is up to and where he is leading. Therefore, these reports allow us to talk about 2014. They give a platform for where, how and when. They invite people in. They leave us with a sense of anticipation and hope.
  5. Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow. At the end of the day we stand in awe. We worship God. We thank Him for His grace. We marvel at the Holy Spirit’s work among us. We declare like Moses “unless your Presence goes with us do not send us up from here” (Exodus 33:15). We’ve tasted of God’s goodness and desire to be in the centre of His will. Jesus continues to be the focus and we give Him praise, honour and glory. He is the lamb on the throne who extends grace to do any and all things.

Derrick Hamre
Lead Pastor

Pastor Reports

Lead Pastor Report by Derrick Hamre (0.1MB PDF)

Spiritual Formation Report by Jeff Bjorgan (0.1MB PDF)

Peachland Campus Report by Derek Koch (0.1MB PDF)

Next Generation Ministries Report by Andy Gabruch (0.1MB PDF)

Next Generation Ministries Associate Report by Ben McGillivray (0.1MB PDF)

Counselling Pastor Report by Tom Harbour (0.3MB PDF)

Deacon Reports

Treasurer Report by Jason Roffey (0.1MB PDF)
Treasurer Slides by Jason Roffey (0.3MB PDF)

Deacon Report by Dean Larson (0.1MB PDF)

Deacon Report by Martin Weilmeier (0.2MB PDF)

Deacon Report by Orval Osborne (0.1MB PDF)

Deacon Report by Rick Nelson (0.1MB PDF)

Deacon Report by Sheldon Beagle (0.1MB PDF)

Deacon Report - Building Report by Stephen Johnston (0.1MB PDF)

Department Reports

Men's Ministries Report by Dave Hanson (0.1MB PDF)

Women's Ministries Report by Barbara Chapman (0.1MB PDF)

Ladies Night Out Report by Nina Roffey (0.1MB PDF)