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Final days in Nicaragua 

We are stuck in Houston due to weather and finally have the chance to update you on the last couple of days in Nicaragua.

The final days were about finishing strong… finishing the work projects and bringing closure to so many great relationships. With that said, Emmanuel is in a long-term relationship with Feviva. The goal is to continue to bring multiple teams annually, build an industrial sized kitchen for a feeding program, build a home for the Kraekers, and start a dorm project… ALL of these things will leverage their impact and trust in the community!

Furthermore, the team blessed MANY people with benevolence, prayer, business, and ministry… So good! There are stories upon stories on this but I will let the teens and leaders share this with you over the weeks ahead.

Finally, this Sunday we will have a few teens share their experiences with testimony and pictures. I encourage ya to be there to cheer on the next generation of Church...


Nicaragua Update - Raising the Next Generation of Kingdom Leaders

The Bible is clear that church leaders – such as pastors – are called to disciple the next generation of leaders (Ephesians 4:11-16). STM trips are meant to be a part of this process… it is truly amazing for me to experience the Ephesians 4 stuff with this team.

On Sunday, the team led 2 services on their own... We had the teens present four different dramas, had two testimonies, one teen prophesied over a congregation of 300 people, lead the congregations in worship, and had them pray over people for blessing, healing, salvation, and the power of God. It was truly amazing.  

Furthermore, the team started a breakfast program before the first service. They served over 150 people in a community that children usually gets 1 meal/day. This was a proud moment for me; not because of my own pride but because Jesus was working in and through everyone.

This type of work is Spirit work; it brings unity, stirs up calling, and challenges to make a difference beyond ourselves… For example, it is great seeing the team build friendships, confide in each other, have conversations over Biblical matters, and how to be Spirit-led in our own context in Canada.

On Monday the team began their second week at the school. This week will include(M-W)  teaching ESL, Canadian culture, animals, and volcanoes to over 250 students. The week will also include finishing up the work projects; which include the security wall that was washed away from a flash flood, doors for the bathroom stalls, cleaning up a field for a soccer pitch w/ lights, maintenance on school desks, and benevolence tours in the community. ALL of these projects have been paid by OUR students… AMAZING!

God is truly raising up the next generation! It is for HIS Kingdom... 


Nicaragua update - reaping and sowing

Thursday – March 20

On Thursday we took 160 kids and leaders to the city zoo for a educational field trip. ALL of the students have never been to the zoo even though they have lived in the city all their lives. As the bus pulled out of the Feviva school all the children started to scream with excitement and sang the whole way there…

The highlight of the day was the evangelistic service we held that evening. The place was packed to experience dramas, hear of real life change stories from the teens, sing worship with us, and then invite the community to respond to God in salvation/renewal. It was awesome. Afterwards, some experienced the power of God in a new/fresh way.

Some of the testimonies that came to me…

“Those teens did a fantastic job”

“The anointing on the team was incredible. God is working through them.”

“WOW! That was powerful. Thank you.”

Friday – March 21

EVERYTHING we planned today was not to plan. We were planning to take 66 students and teachers to one of the most famous (active) volcanoes in Nicaragua called Hell… literally, the volcano’s name is called Hell. It was funny though because the school decided to cancel school so ALL of the teachers could go! This happened because the teachers cannot go otherwise. In fact, there was one teacher – who has lived in Nicaragua for 23 years – who has never been to this place. We were so glad we were able to do what we did for the school.

The rest of the day was supposed to be building a soccer pitch but that fell through. We started other projects around the campus. There will be a short video shown tomorrow at Emmanuel on how the projects are going…. It is worth checking out.

Saturday – March 22

Today was a FULL day of work projects in 33 degree weather. I heard Kelowna had snow today too! Crazy!

Anyways, we finished up one project (painting the interior of a house), started the foundation of cement wall that collapsed during a flash flood, almost finished the field prep for dorms, and started some electrical/construction work in the bathrooms. It was a very productive day. The teens did well! None of them complained and ALL of them worked very hard. You can be proud of them!

Continue to pray with us… for us. Tomorrow is a full day of ministry in churches.


Nicaragua Update - What it is ALL about

The goal for today was to build and strengthen relationships. SO many times STM trips come and leave without building good relationships… This is one of the reasons we partner with Feviva.

We were at the school for most of the day teaching classes on animals and volcanoes as we will be taking students to the zoo/volcano (called Hell) later this week. We also took the teachers out for lunch to Pizza Hut… about 40 of us.

Now… you might be thinking big deal… pizza and school… Well, it was. Why? Because this community doesn’t have the luxury to go on field trips or go out for pizza. For example, the teachers make approximately $150US/month… yes… per month. So, we were honored to bless them.

The highlight of the day was going into the community and ministering amongst them. Many are sick, have broken homes, and/or have needs that only prayer can meet. This is the greatest blessing of all… allowing God to minister in and through the team praying for hope, healing, and salvation.

We broke into teams of three (sound a lot like what Jesus did with the disciples) and went out to bless the community. I think this is the greatest thing we can do… to pray. Many experienced the power of God in a new way, some were healed, some asked for God to reconcile relationships, and we invited the community to join a special event tomorrow event…

Tomorrow we want to make the most of Jesus through dramas, testimonies, worship, and prayer. It will be a great night. Please pray for this important event. 

The team is doing well. We had the evening off and went to a pool to cool down… it was great to hangout as a team and relax…

Appreciate the prayers. 


Nicaragua - Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

Today we visited the school Feviva inherited 7 years ago. The school invests in children in a poor area of Managua and teaches K-G6 for about 320 students. The fees are approximately $0.50/month for a child to go through school. This is the only reasonable way for the community to experience the joy and confidence education can bring.

Poverty in this area is rarely seen or experienced in Canada. You cannot understand this type of poverty unless you encounter it firsthand… this is one of the reasons why we do short term missions. With that said, deep levels of poverty are breeding grounds for violence, rape, and drug gangs. Moreover, these levels of poverty are cyclical and generational.

This is why education is so important. It gives a way out for a community who is in deep levels of poverty, the ramifications, and MAY break the cycle of generational poverty.

So… today… our team invested in a school. We were greeted with love, gratitude, and friendship. They see us as amigos, partners for the Gospel, and ultimately family…. Today… We dug a trench, cleaned up the compound to build a full size soccer pitch, prepped for teaching classes, and built relationships.

You need to know that we have a solid team… They represent you… and moreover… the Gospel well. Lift us up in prayer tonight as we prep for teaching, ministering in the community, and continue to make a great God known in our broken world.

Till tomorrow…