Emmanuel Church has a new website!

The new site is located here: http://emmanuelchurch.life.

in this section:

  • staff

    Our team of pastors form the heart of our church. [read more]

  • philosophy

    Emmanuel is a community of friends from a variety of backgrounds and experiences who find common ground in their love of Jesus. We are affiliated with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC). [read more]

  • westbank campus

    Our main campus and church office is located in Westbank, BC, Canada. [get directions]

  • history

    Emmanuel Church began in 1975 and has grown to its present state through the efforts of many and the grace of God. [read more]

  • annual reports

    Our leadership reports on the the last year and the vision for the future. [read more]

  • contact us

    There are multiple ways to reach us for your convenience. [contact us]